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I went on a break, and it took over a month.

This girl does not do things by halves when it comes to holidays.

Ha! I just remembered a rather strict home lesson teacher I had who always said, “Well, all good things must come to an end, so goodbye!” when he finished teaching and wanted to leave.

The irony!

But my holiday was great. I got to see family members that I had not seen face to face for roughly five years now. Then I got back, and something happened this week.

There’s this lady I patronise occasionally for snacks. I know nothing about her besides that. The previous month, I noticed that her shop had been closed for some time. I wondered what had happened to her. Then I passed her street this week and saw her carrying a tiny baby. Joy bloomed in my heart; she had been on maternity leave.

Stopping to greet her and her little cutie, I said something that made her eyes grow wide.

“I missed you!”

I don’t know who was more surprised between us after I said that. When I left, I thought about it. I missed her because I always subconsciously expected her to be there. I didn’t always buy things from her. Every day I passed, I just got comfort from seeing her where I expected her to be.

A friend I had been in touch with via phone for the last four years said he had to see me. He insisted on coming to my house. When he came it was just to tell me he was getting married, and I had to be at the wedding. I would have attended without him coming over. But it made me feel appreciated.

What can you do to make people feel more appreciated? A kind word, letting them know when you appreciate something about them or telling them something positive they might not have realised yet about themselves. It could be anything. As the Bee Gees song goes;

“It’s only words, but words are all I have, to take your heart away.”

Bee Gees

What are you going to say or write this week to appreciate someone? It doesn’t need to be someone close to you, but take time to acknowledge those you rely upon to always be there. And say something to me too, because I have missed you!

With XOXO’s aplenty,