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There is always something you need to do. God created you for achievements. Not failures. Just imagine God creating you, fashioning out your arms and legs. And imagine the angels hanging around, waiting for him to finish.

Then they ask, “What is this one for?”

And God answers, “Nothing. This one is a failure.”

I can’t imagine this conversation ending like this, because that’s not how God works.

Everything has a purpose. It just has to find it. Even birds, butterflies, snakes, flies, and maggots have a purpose. They fulfil it day by day. They complete their short cycles and say, ‘Yes, this is it. I am done.’

So, what’s stopping you from completing your cycle? Here are some issues you might raise:

I don’t know what it is:

My dear, almost nobody knows what their full purpose is. We sleep every night to take a break and wake up every day trying to find it again. Only a few people have their career paths mapped out in their heads or on paper. What to do: have a journal, and write the things you do, and the things you wish to do. Review your journal regularly and as time goes by, you will see a pattern. Try that path out.

I’m the only one doing it:

Loneliness is real. But don’t give up. In the Bible, Elijah once told God he was the only prophet left who had not been killed for not serving Baal (1 Kings 19 vs 14). Then God told him there were 7,000 people who did not serve Baal that Elijah knew nothing about (vs 18). Don’t say you’re the only one. Say you’re the only one you can see. There are others, just like you. Chasing purpose in another location. If you continue on your path, one day you might meet them and not feel lonely anymore. Just keep going.

Everyone is already doing it:

In your case, what’s the point? There was this saying that ‘Everyone’s doing it, so let’s do it’ and that’s cool for trying out trends, but for purpose, it’s easy to fear getting lost in the crowd. Just remember that every star in heaven has its own room to shine. Let your unique self shine through. There is room for everyone.

I really don’t feel like doing it:

This is my crew right here. The feelings gang. The cure to this sickness is a very bitter pill. Just. Do. It. Forget the feelings. It won’t be perfect; it won’t be grand. But it will be done.

For my crew members, I’m opening a WhatsApp group where we can share and help encourage each other. If you would like to join or know someone who needs this motivation, then send me a message.

You can do it. Be bold. Put one foot in front of the other. You’ll get there sooner than you think.

Lots of love,