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Hey you!

How have you been?

Me? Experiencing interesting things. A work-from-home job can make you forget how to take a break and enjoy things. So, I kicked back and attended a women’s convention organised by a dear friend’s church. It was so cool attending as a participant and not having to oversee anything. I just relaxed and enjoyed being blessed.

Hmm. As I write this, I realise that I have eaten almost half of a 400g pack of Digestives. I cringe to think of all the sugar and salt I have ingested. But I was just sitting here, and it was just sitting there… Naturally… (helpless shrug)

Well, this is not about my dodgy snacking habits. I want to talk about that thing people avoid because it is too hard to do; having crucial conversations.

I had to have a crucial conversation with someone about the way she communicates with and treats people. We came out of this session with a clearer understanding of how good intentions can cause more problems. I had a lot of faults to accept. The chief being that I should not have let things go on for so long. If I had been more proactive, things would not have gone as far south as they did. Yes, she had some learning to do, but all I can tell you is mine.

We resolved our issues and now have a better understanding of each other, which is great. But it would have been better if resolved earlier. I still have a lot of learning to do. Learning to have healthy yet crucial conversations that bring more wisdom is one of them. Learning to do it early enough and not shy away from it is another.

And that’s my lesson for the week. Which I shall apply to my errant snacking habit… somehow.

A big thank you to those who gave me character names. I’m still writing and editing. I’m thinking of writing a short story. Would you like to read it? What genre do you like? Tell me, let’s see if I can serve up something just for you. While you wait, you can find other books here.

Until then,