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Say this with me, “I matter.”

I’d also like you to say you cannot save the entire world, but I might be wrong. There are some pretty amazing people walking this earth. You just might be one of them. But for many of us, we need to come to the realisation that even heroes need a break.

I saw the animated movie Megamind again today. A hero decided he had had enough of saving a city over and over again. So he stopped and went off to do something else that he wanted to do. The villain ended up becoming the new hero, which is something he wanted to do. Because only heroes get the girl.

Don’t look too closely at his motivation. Long story short, he did something he wanted to do.

So, about saving the world. Sometimes you need to take a break. You need to get pampered. Hair and nails done, an outing, a movie, a party! A change of scene. Please, take the break.

There’s a James Hadley Chase novel with the name, Have a Change of Scene. You might like it. And reading a book is one way to change your scene. Books will take you everywhere. Movies do that too, if that’s your cup of tea. All up to you.

But get away from the constant routine. Visit a friend. Pack an overnight bag. You’re never too old for a sleepover. If you can’t leave home then try sleeping or working in a different room. If you have just one room, then move the furniture around. Let in a breath of fresh air.

Or go out to meet it. One time I was having frequent headaches and did some research on it. One suggestion was to get some fresh air. Weird but it worked for me. Spending time outdoors can give you new ideas and a fresh perspective on things.

So you have many ways to change your scene today. Try one of them. Let’s go over them again.

  1. Get pampered (facial, hair, nails)
  2. Read a book/see a movie
  3. Visit someone
  4. Have a sleepover
  5. Change rooms
  6. Rearrange the furniture
  7. Take a stroll outdoors

Let me know any other method I might have missed. Prioritize your mental health today.

Lots of love,