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July has been quite the month. The school term dragged on and on! I’ve added ‘school bus driver’ to my job description, even though ‘school car driver’ would be more appropriate. Anyway, finally the term ended and on Friday I got to sleep in until 9 o’clock on a weekday. Yay me!

I had a zoom meeting at 11 am, but that could not dim my glow.

We bloom and glow!

I go two more hits that day, one of my team members told me she would go on an indefinite sabbatical from August, so I’m down one member. Then a client called that they would not be renewing their subscription. I do not know how I stayed upbeat after two hits in quick succession. Maybe it was the 9 am wake up joy.

I assessed things and found peace. It’s not all bad, the client and the team member sort of balanced things out. It’s one less member but also one less portfolio until I can get a handle on things. So, I count that a miracle.

In the zoom meeting I mentioned earlier, we took a moment to agree that there are so many daily miracles that we ignore. Waking up is a miracle. Achieving routine daily goals is a miracle. Having great friends is a miracle. Everyone getting home after a long day’s work is a miracle. You reading this is a miracle.  

Open your eyes, appreciate what you see every day.  

In writing news, I’m working on a beautiful fantasy project for television and a really sweet romance novel. I just got some sad news about my leading lady, and I’m wondering how she would handle it. You can still get copies of Weekends are for Loving here.

As always, I’m looking for names to put in my stories. Send me a name and tell me if you want the character to be naughty or nice.

Till then,