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You want to make progress? Then you need to (cue music):

'start at the very beginning
A very good place to start.'

Okay, thank you Sound of Music cast, they get the drift. This first tip to prepare us for the new year is very instructive.


There is no short cut on this one. You can send someone. Your delegate will stand for you and that is fair. But will your delegate do the work with as much dedication as you would have?

If something is important enough for you to wish for this new year, if it is relevant enough for you to write down plans concerning it, then it should be pertinent enough for you to show up to work for it.

Whatever your goals are for the new year. Put your back into it. Make your first New Year resolution be that you show up in spite of whatever the year throws at you.



It’s going to be an unusual year, nothing from 2020 has been completely resolved. More things might come up. the greatest challenge will be decisions. Should you do this or that? What are the pros and cons, what are the relative risks? May the Lord help us with our decisions.

Don’t let the fear of falling keep you from moving forward. There’s a saying that who does not go, does not know.

Who no go, no know.

Pidgin version

Nothing is gained from not making an effort. If you sign up for classes, attend them. If you write down goals, act on them. If you make promises, fulfil them. “I will” and “I shall” should make room for “I am.”

Do, learn, adjust, do again, relearn.

This year, keep this in mind: You will need rest, but DO NOT STOP SHOWING UP.