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How are the holiday plans going? Are you staying within your budget? Were you able to get the Christmas tree out of the box this year?

If your answers are negative, do not worry, this can still be a holiday to remember.

Many people happen to be falling ill this period, so many are not in the frame of mind to pull themselves out of bed in the morning, not to mention celebrating. How can you still feel the Christmas cheer with the current challenges of ill health and inflation?

  1. Do not overdo anything. It is time to eat, drink and be merry, but do it in moderation. Whatever you cannot afford this year, let it go with grace. No one is keeping score.
  2. Choose only one or two activities you definitely want to do this holiday. No need to plan seven outings, there are still virus warnings and security challenges. Use this time to plan two restful and recreational activities you would love to do. You can get a copy of my novel here.
  3. Decorations are overrated. If you have the strength, get out your decorations. If you don’t, meh! Many people are not decorating this year, it does not make it any less Christmas.
  4. Embrace the reason for the season. We’re celebrating the birth of someone who lived and died to save us. Let’s stop and appreciate that for a moment. Read the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John). Enjoy the journey from birth to death of this celebrant.
  5. Make plans for the new year. This is a cool way to spend this holiday. Planning helps you get centred and focused. You have an idea of what is possible.
  6. Hang with family and friends. Yes, sit around and watch movies together, play games, reminisce. Be polite. Sometimes the people we appreciate the least are those closest to us. Please be kind to your family and friends this Christmas. Give them gifts. Do not reserve the Christmas gifts for your favourite customers and business partners. Family and friends matter.

Don’t sweat the holidays. Just do what you enjoy, that’s what makes it a holiday. From me to you, Merry Christmas and a prosperous 2022. Let’s meet up in the new year.

Lots of love,