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I give thanks to God for this year, all disasters notwithstanding. My book was finally part of a Christmas gift bag. Just click on the contact page and hit me up to get one.

Christmas gift bag

I had to wait until midnight to carry out my Santa duties. Thankfully, my children do not credit my labour of love to an imaginary jolly chimney burglar. Daddy and Mummy bring the Christmas cheer and all is well in the world.

Dear Santa Dad and Mum…

This Christmas, I had planned that I would not do the usual cooking and baking. Because I had a lot of work. At the beginning of the month, I had not planned to have a lot of work, because I wanted to rest.

Do you see the pattern?

Work blocked my rest. Then cooking blocked my work. Now it is 12:53 am and I’m still trying to get in one or two hours of writing before grabbing some hours of sleep. Oh rest, where art thou?



I’ll find it though. Some time to just sit and smile blandly at guests and family, pretending to listen while they chatter nonstop. Time to eat what I like and not worry about calories. Time to abandon my phone and let the missed calls and messages pile up. Because it is Christmas Day and you ought to be focused on the people who have chosen to be present with you, not calling or messaging people miles away. Just relax, step away from the phone and enjoy your day. That’s what I plan to be doing.

Remember how my plans to rest and work went? Well…

Let’s keep hope alive. After all, it is Christmas, that most wonderful time of the year. What do you want this Christmas? Let me know how your day goes.