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Woah! It’s been a minute! But, how have you been doing? What have you been learning? How have you been growing? Growth. The proof of life. It is very interesting to watch plants grow. Sometimes you can forget to water them. Then you see their resilience. How they struggle to survive despite the lack. That, too, is proof of life. The struggle. The determination to grow in spite of what one does not have.

Good news. Whatever you have is enough for growth at any point in time.

Really? Well, if you have something, that something is enough to get you at least a few steps ahead until you get something else. Believe it. I was going down memory lane, and I realised some things.

  1. My business is 13 years old this year.
  2. I started it before I got married.
  3. It has grown slowly over the years because… Life.
  4. But, it has also grown with seed capital, interest-free family loans and family grants.
  5. I have never had to be in debt that kept me up at night.

So many things to be thankful for. This is why counting your blessings works.

When I started the business, I started out registering business names. Confession; my business name was the second job I did. I used my friend’s business name as the guinea pig. He was gracious enough to let me. I gave him full disclosure. “Noah, I’ve never done this before, but if you trust me with this job, I won’t charge you for my services. Just transportation and the exact charges at the Corporate Affairs Commission.” He said okay, I ran with it, and the rest was history. His SMS marketing business is also still online today.

From registering businesses, I started registering companies, then editing and writing. Now my business, ChoWilson, is a full-fledged business support outfit. And we are still growing. Because one day in 2008, I decided to grow up. And over the years, I have struggled to grow.

People complain that others don’t share the backstory of their success stories. So, here’s part of mine. I will tell more as the memories come. Perhaps people don’t tell the backstory because when the success comes, the hardship they faced when starting out feels so ephemeral, or so far back that they’ve forgotten. It happens. I hope this encourages someone.

Lots of love,