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I saw this video on Instagram about a lady trying to do everything at once as a solopreneur and I said, yes! Yes! That’s exactly how it feels.

Click here to see the video on Instagram.

You are creating content, managing orders, handling advertising, filing tax and other legal documents, managing subordinates… The list goes on.

Then add the other facets of your life; family, faith, friends, self, and you see how chaotic it can get. How does one cope with all these? If you have tasks that you cannot delegate to competent hands, you still have to get them done somehow. Here is a process that works for me and just might work for you.

Heed the words of Jesus:

“Sufficient unto the day is the evil there off,”

Matt 6:34.

Translation: When night comes, sleep! Every day’s troubles are enough for the day, stop carrying over today’s troubles to tomorrow. Do what you can in the daylight hours you have and shut down when it is time to sleep. When you wake up, it is tomorrow, and what you have on your plate will be just sufficient for the day.

Make a list according to priority.

This helps you start with the most important things that are time-bound. After that, you can face the things that are not timebound, but have been on your to-do list for too long. Get them done so you can focus on new tasks. Old tasks stifle you; they make you feel like a procrastinating failure. Get them done and out of the way.

Schedule breaks.

Rest for five minutes as often as you can. Just five minutes. Time yourself. Taking some time off from your work resets your brain and makes it return to tasks with less resistance. Move your body, sit, or lie down. Don’t think too deeply. There’s just one thing you should do at the end of your rest period; review your priority list to see if you are on track.

Task Hop.

This works for some people. Try it and if it works for you then keep doing it. Task hopping means working on one task for a bit, then putting it on hold and working on another task. The challenge with this is that you might forget to go back to the first task (remember how that first task had the highest priority?) and then you end the day without finishing the most important thing for the day.

Solution? Use the timer on your phone. Let it ring every 60 minutes and reset it immediately. Check the tasks list once the timer goes off. If you are on something other than the priority task, go back to it for some minutes and then you can switch tasks again after like thirty minutes.

Note that the key things you need are a priority list and an hour minder. You also need a determination to get things done. This will work for your self-care, business tasks, or personal projects.

Make a list, set the timer, and make it happen! How do you get things done? Let me know.

Lots of love,