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We’re days into the first month of the year. Have you noticed how time flies, regardless of whether you’re doing stuff or doing nothing? So far, we know we should SHOW UP and COMMIT. But what else do we do to make our resolution list worth more than the paper it is written on?

3. Prepare the action plan



You need to have a plan for how to achieve the desired result. Will you read for 60 minutes a day? Walk or exercise for 30 minutes? Make sure you make 5 business calls a day? What one thing can you do daily to move you closer to your desired goal?

Little drops eventually fill the bucket. Last year, I committed to exercising for 7 minutes every day for 90 days. The action plan was simple;

  • Get into exercise gear.
  • Roll out yoga mat.
  • Use a 7-minute exercise app or do random exercises gathered from books, DVDs and the internet, for 7 minutes.

Three simple steps. But to be done daily. I used an app because it had an activity calendar that checked off the days I was on the app. So I could see the days I defaulted, the days I had a streak. I could identify the things that disturbed me and kept me away from that mat. And after the breaks, I was able to return to the mat because the app just kept on beeping.

Beep! Exercise for seven minutes today.

It took about the three months for me to notice a significant change. Significant, because I fitted into a dress I had been unable to wear three months earlier.

There were other things I did—cutting down on sodas, portion control—but the main thing was getting into an exercise routine. I had done the research and realised I would be wasting time if I did not make exercise an integral part of my daily life. You can’t wish failure away, you must work to achieve it. Have a short and effective action plan you can carry out.

This year, I want to do more writing. I have to build that action plan and set the number of days in which to built the habit into my routine. What do you want to build into your daily routine that can help you achieve our goals this year? Say something about it in the comments section or send me a message via the contact me page. Perhaps we can encourage each other as we make 2021 our most accomplished year ever.

Photo by Emma Matthews Digital Content Production on Unsplash