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Commitment is the number one challenge for relationships. He loves her but his loyalties are divided. She loves her job but she is a restless soul and needs to pursue other things. Stick-to-it-ability is not ingrained in a lot of us. We must learn it.

So we make our resolutions and goals. More focus, more dedication. But before the end of January, we are off the wagon. We can’t kill ourselves. And we are well on the way to making the new year no better than the last. But that’s not what God promised.

The glory of this latter house shall be greater than of the former, saith the LORD of hosts: and in this place will I give peace, saith the LORD of hosts.

Haggai 2:9

The new year ought to be better than the last. You have your part to play. How can you stay commited to your goals this year?

Accountability is the key.

Who can you be accountable to? It all depends on you.



Can you be accountable to an app? Then download one. Search for free apps that can keep you on track. If you try out the apps and find it’s not your thing, then try something else.

Can you be accountable to a coach? Then get one. The coaching thing can be a bit tricky. You have to be compatible with your coach. Some people need bulldog coaches, others need more serene coaches. What you think might work for you can easily turn out to be a bad fit. Change the coach, try out different ones.

Can you be accountable to a partner? Then find one. This partner either is working with you, doing the things you are weak at. You might not be a great talker and you’re starting a business. Your partner might be the loquacious one but lack the business acumen. You need to be compatible and strengthen each other’s weakness. Your partner could also be someone who can enforce the penalties should you fail in achieving your goal. Say, a partner that takes some money from you and if you don’t meet the goal of making your first sale the money becomes the property of your partner.

Commit to an app, a coach or a partner. But COMMIT.

Which works for you? Do you have an accountability system not mentioned above? Let me know in the comments section. Would you like an accountability partner in 2021? Then go to the contact page and send me a message.