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Everyone has a story. What’s yours?

In years past, I felt I should keep my thoughts to myself. However, that’s not true. People want to hear from you. A friend once said to me, ‘When you speak, people listen because we want to hear what you have to say.’

Your story matters.

I love writing because when you write, you are telling stories. Fiction, nonfiction, news, office memos. No matter how mundane the topic, you are saying something to someone.

Your core message

You communicate your character and values through your writing. What do you want to be known for? When you keep writing or speaking, you realise you veer towards a topic that is dear to your heart. That is your core message. You have something to say about it because you have ‘experiences’ related to that topic.

So, stay with that message. Having too many messages to share won’t help you. Have one core message and focus on it. Cut through the noise with your core message again and again until people hear it. Loud and clear.

The discipline of Writing

However, does that mean that you don’t need any training in writing or speaking? Can you just go out there and start sharing? Sadly, no. You need to learn some skills that will help you share your message. Every discipline has its tips and tricks. Writing and speaking are no different.

You can learn how to share your message yourself, or you can leave the writing to the professionals. Either way, if you want to share your message via writing, then send a mail to or click here and fill the contact form.

You have a powerful story; this story can help drive your business and bring credibility. However, it might become a liability, rather than an asset, if you do not manage it properly. Are you ready to let me help you? Then send the mail now.

Lots of love,